I’ve known Emily since about 2012. She has a positive attitude and is a realistic problem solver. Emily is a woman of integrity, a person who does what she says she is going to do. When my husband and I started thinking about looking for a house in the Denver market in 2015, we thought we could do it on our own. We had been renting in the area and felt comfortable with our research to find a house ourselves. We spent time looking in our ideal areas and price range. However, we found it was a waste of time, because any house we would have wanted was under contract before we could blink!

After trying to do it on our own and it going poorly, we decided to reach out to Emily for help. We talked with her about what we wanted and what we needed. She visited many houses with us and gave us lots of choices. We put in a bid for a few houses before we purchased the home we are now living in. Emily stayed patient and positive while we looked for the right home. Denver is a tough market, with crazy fast appreciating home values. This is a much easier process with someone who knows what they are doing to help you get the home right for you. I SO appreciate Emily’s professionalism. I highly recommend her!

– Angelina & Kyle, Denver, CO